Aggressive Litigation And Pretrial Counsel

Litigation is a complex process that requires an attorney who will investigate case details and present an effective courtroom argument. Parties on either side of a lawsuit need counsel who will be open and honest about their likely case results. Litigation can take years to resolve and you need experienced representation from the beginning of your case.

Attorney John K. McDavid has nearly 30 years of litigation experience and a long record of favorable courtroom results. He represents litigation clients across Central Indiana from our Brownsburg office. Mr. McDavid is an aggressive and effective lawyer who will guide your case to the best possible outcome.


An Experienced Litigator For Many Types Of Disputes

Mr. McDavid has represented both plaintiffs and defendants from the beginning of his career. He will work closely with you to determine your preferred case outcome and create a personalized legal strategy. This close relationship allows you to move through the litigation process and prevent problems in extended cases.

Our attorney represent clients with many types of litigation cases in state and federal courts, including those related to:

  • Business law disagreements
  • Employment law litigation for plaintiffs and defendants
  • Personal injuries
  • Labor and employment claims
  • Real estate purchases, sales and other related matters
  • Class action litigation
  • Construction and homeowners association disputes
  • The defense of creditors' rights
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Class action matters
  • Mass tort and toxic tort litigation

A Prepared Litigation Strategy Will Help You Before The Courtroom

While most cases end in pretrial negotiations, parties need to have a plan if their case does go to court. Mr. McDavid represents clients in pretrial negotiations and will take the opposition to the courtroom if they become unreasonable. He has found that creating a convincing courtroom strategy allows clients to efficiently claim settlements in negotiations.

Our Lawyer Will Review Your Case

Our legal counsel has represented businesses and creditors seeking eight-figure recoveries. To start your initial consultation, call 317-852-1088 or email us. We represent clients in Avon, Brownsburg and the Indianapolis metropolitan area.